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Meet Our Team
Qualifications and standards are a priority at our Nursery and you can read more about the qualifications our staff have in the Parent Information area of our web site.

All staff have been trained in First Aid, are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau and attend courses in 'Safeguarding' children as part of our recruitment process.

Our Nursery is regulated by the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Welfare Requirements, which state there must be a minimum ratio of adults carers to each group of children.

  • With children of age 6 months -2 years there must be 1 adult to 3 children
  • 2-3 years, 1 adult to 4 children
  • 3-5 years, 1 adult to 8 children

In practice we often have higher numbers of adults to children than this statutory minimum.

1. Management

Sarah Simpson- Nursery Manager
My name is Sarah Simpson. I joined the Nursery in December 2005. I am the Nursery Manager and SENCO - Speacial Educational Needs Co-Ordinator.

I have a degree in Early Years and now have gained the Early Years Professional Status qualification.

I work in both of the rooms at times. I am the Student co-ordinator - we take students from local colleges and schools.

As SENCO I work closely with the ISCAN team (Inclusion and support for children with additional needs). I take a special interest in those children who need additional help and support.


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Hushna Khatun- Deputy Nursery Manager

My name is Hushna Khatun and I am the Deputy Nursery Manager. I have been working in childcare for 10 years and have a BA(Hons) in Early Years Studies. I have been a part of Lewsey team for 10 years.

I lead a hardworking, enthusiastic and dedicated team of Early Years Practitioners. I am responsible for ensuring my team and I provide a high quality of care, as well as a safe, hygienic, inclusive, stimulating and friendly environment for all the children who are attending our setting.

I am passionate about my role, and appreciate the importance and the impact we have on these young children's lives and enjoy preparing and ensuring they are ready for School.

We run a keyperson system within the setting and I work with my team to ensure the system works effectively within each room.

I ensure that every child is making progress through the early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) by providing appropriate, relevant, fun and exciting activities for the children as well as providing quality learning opportunities for all.

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Karen Curl- Team Leader For 0 - 2's Room
My name is Karen Curl and I lead a team of early years practitioners in the 0-2's room. I have over 10 years experience in childcare, qualifying in 2002 with an NNEB in childcare (CACH level 3). I have been working at Lewsey Nursery for over 10 years.

As a Team Leader I am responsible for the general day to day running of the    0-2's room, including welcoming new children to our setting and assigning a key worker to each child. I am also responsible for overseeing the key workers in the room and monitoring the progress of the children which is recorded in their profiles.

As a team we provide a high level of care for the children in an environment that is safe, hygenic and stimulating.

If you have any questions regarding the 0-2's room please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions.

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0 - 2's Team- Gemma Burnell, Yasmin Oliver, Katharine Campbell

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2 - 5's Team- Dayna Hammond, Sheila Juggesur, Nicola Wells, Natasha Lovesey

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Supply Staff

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The Early Years Practitioners Team- Practitioners

All of our Early Years Practitioners are working towards or have already gained a level 3 in childcare.

We take our job very seriously and work hard to provide the very best for your child at all times.

All of us are keyworkers and all of us are involved in the planning and assessment of children's progress.

We continue to attend training courses and continue to expand our knowledge and skills.

We care for the children whilst providing a variety of learning opportunities and activities both indoors and out.

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Caretaker- Tony Wells

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Chef- Kelly Gotting

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Finance Officer- Suman Henderson

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Staff Qualifications- The Staff Who Work At Our Nursery


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