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Message Board

This page is a message board of parents views and opinions about our Nursery and the services and we provide for the families.

Comments made by parents:

"I love looking through my child's communication folder, it makes me feel involved and part of his day. It is also nice to take home and show his dad and grandparents. I am impressed with the varied menus and the way that the staff are happy to accommodate any dietary requirements"

"Thanks to the friendly nursery staff, it has helped me feel comfortable in returning to work and has given my husband re-assurance that my child is benefiting from going to nursery"

"The nursery has helped me in so many ways, there are too many to mention!"

"I am extremely happy with the nursery as my child has progressed leaps and bounds since attending and his speech has improved too"

"I am very impressed with this nursery, the staff are very helpful, friendly and the children seem very settled with them. It's been a pleasure to bring my child here"

"I would recommend this nursery to everyone. The minute I left my child at 8 months old, I knew she was safe. Now she is 2½ years old, she is the one asking to come to nursery!"

"A very happy, caring environment. Staff are fun, supportive and efficient"

"My child settled so quickly. The nursery is wonderful; a really lovely environment and the staff are so friendly and always on hand to help. Highly recommended"

"A brilliant place. I could not go to work without such a facility. The staff make the place as homely as possible and my children love them"

"I am overwhelmed with the high level of care and compassion at the nursery and I am also impressed with the high standards of communication. The staff are lovely and I am grateful for all the help and support that I have had especially from the family workers and the finance clerk. The nursery has always helped me with flexible childcare hours"


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